Emilie developed a special sensitiveness to visible changes in landscapes and to traces left by human labour, human beings and passing time. Her approach on territories and landscapes is now the most important part of her photographic work.

Represented by
2011-2017 Comptoirs Arlésiens de la Jeune Photograpie Gallery

2001-2004 She graduates at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de l’Image, the « 75 » / Photography Department, Brussel - Belgium

2012-2013 Collective Photographic Residency created by the Municipality Communities of Pont du Gard - France

Solo Exhibitions
"Voices from the land; stories from the village" 2012-2014
-French Institut of Lusaka - Zambie
-Masdoc Theater, Lilongwe - Malawi

Collective Exhibitions
"Echo" 2014-2015 France
-Comptoirs Arlésiens de la Jeune Photographie Gallery
-End of Residency Photo Exhibit, Aramon
"The Spine of the Montage" 2008-2011 - France
-Comptoirs Arlésiens de la Jeune Photographie Gallery
-District Museum of Gap
-Maison de Pay of Embrun
-Contemporary Gallery of Privas' Theater

General Council of Hautes Alpes District, France - 2008

Les Rencontres d'Arles 2011
Voies Off, Arles 2005