Photo work commissioned by National Forestry Office :

  • Old photographs / looking for the right point of view, understanding the ladscape
  • Forest landscape / from reforestation to climate change
  • Human landscape / forest management and environmental education


Photo Report commissioned by BELCO compagny - Importer of green coffee from the forests of Ethiopia

Subject : highlighting the virtuous circle constituted by coffee crops in Ethiopian forests, which thereby become forests protected by local populations.


Entrepreneurs Du Monde French NGO in Cambodia, and “Pteah Baitong” (The Green House) local NGO : access to solar energy in rural areas in Cambodia


2012 - 2014

Rural Infrastructure Developpment in MALAWI

2010 - 2023 Portraits

One day, an Artsit. Sarah Clotuche, Ceramic Artist at L'Usine - Le Poët Laval, France